Mobile App

Let us build you a Mobile App with amazing communications abilities, or provide an SDK to integrate into either your existing Mobile App, or planned Mobile App.

We will help you design a home page template with menu's, message categories and App content. Once this is done, you can update any of it based on the template design from the PRODOCOM website, without needing to redeploy via the stores.



One App to Go Please!

At PRODOCOM we've continually moved our products and solutions forward through innovation. This keeps our clients at the forefront of available communications technology. With consumers now buying more smartphones and tablets than PC's these days, it is important to communicate effectively via these devices. PRODOCOM offer a "private social network Mobile App" to ensure that your business stays ahead of this trend

Is your email message being lost in the pack, blocked by administrators or treated as SPAM? At PRODOCOM we hear you. Our Mobile App secures 100% delivery of messages directly to your intended recipients. Because it is a Mobile App there are no SPAM laws or junk folders to navigate. Your recipeint knows exactly where your messages are and if they don't want them, they can delete the messages or the App.

Whether we build you a complete App, or use our SDK to integrate into your existing App. We Deliver!  We’ll customize your "private social network Mobile App" to create the perfect look and feel to reflect the communication style of your organization. Look forward to live, interactive features, all of which are accessible on the go.

Rich Push

Push marketing works: it beats those apps that use only pull or web content marketing. The PRODOCOM "private social network Mobile App" uses rich push content, to deliver personalized HTML, video and voice grabs, as well as a text message sent direct to recipients. The PRODOCOM "private social network Mobile App" works harder than pull-only apps to increase user engagement, by delivering internal messaging anywhere, on any device, at any time. Every clever marketer knows the value of a mobile app and rich push content.

Building Your Brand

Perfect for schools, universities, councils, corporations, associations and commercial organizations of all types, our technology will allow you to reach any audience at any time. Essentially a private social network mobile app, it allows you to create an interactive, two way dialogue between you and your audience, as they are offered the opportunity to offer instantaneous feedback. Plus, you can decide on whether you’d like a direct response or an open comment section. When it comes to building a brand, mobile apps using rich push content always come up trumps – the value of the PRODOCOM’s rich push content is undeniable.

Get you branding on your recipients devices like never before. No scrolling through endless emails to find your communications, its all there in your App, with alerts to let them know that there is something new to see. With either a direct response or open comments as available feedback, you decide the engagement you want.

Customise Your Own App

Let PRODOCOM customise your Mobile App for a perfect look and feel that reflects your organisation's overall communication style. Value-add by including live, interactive features, all accessible on the go.


AuSAE and PRODOCOM: A strong team.
PRODOCOM's long-standing partnership with AuSAE is something we pride ourselves on and value greatly. Recently PRODOCOM created a fully branded, customised Mobile App to engage AuSAE members with unprecedented relevance, reach and speed. We look forward to continuing to showcase PRODOCOM's Mobile Application and Digital Messaging technologies

Belinda Moore, Executive Officer