AMIC has partnered with PRODOCOM for almost two years now and I am delighted that your commitment and willingness to making each of our campaigns a success is still as strong as it was when we started in May 2013.

By being an Australian based data centre it is easy to understand and reach you, making it simple for us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The service you provide is excellent, from the initial request through to the final execution. Whenever I am constrained by a tight deadline to create a campaign (which is often!) Miguel, Chafica and your entire team have consistently managed to solve my problems, resulting in a very positive experience each time. They exceed my expectations and always remain cheerful. They obviously enjoy what they do!

It is terrific to work with an organisation that is able to adapt to our needs so readily and effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending PRODOCOM to any company looking for a marketing tool with effective implementation that gets results, backed up by a local team with passion and drive for excellence.

Tracy Boyce, Australian Meat Industry Council

Bauer Media Group
Bauer Media needed a solution for a web portal where our clients could access their invoices and statements. Knowing that clients would also require notification that their documents are ready for collection also meant that we needed a communications solution and a managed one at that. As we already distribute documents using the PRODOCOM service, it was a natural move to look at PRODOCOM’s EDI solutions. We have very specific requirements from the type of files we generate through to what the client can see on the website and what communications are required to our clients. PRODOCOM have been able to provide a completely customized solution that fits the specifications perfectly. Admittedly the specifications have had changes along the way, but PRODOCOM were willing and able to accommodate these changes. The end result is a fully customized and managed web portal with notifications via email.

Bauer Media Group

Motorcycle Road Race Development Association
Being a Junior based sport we needed to interface with our target audiences in a more effective manner. We commissioned PRODOCOM to develop an App for us, which has turned out to be a godsend. Continued dialogue ensures that we work with PRODOCOM to develop the next version of the App which in turn keeps our App relevant and a great tool.


Australian Society of Association Executives
AuSAE and PRODOCOM: A strong team PRODOCOM's long-standing partnership with AuSAE is something we pride ourselves on and value greatly. Recently PRODOCOM created a fully branded, customised Mobile App to engage AuSAE members with unprecedented relevance, reach and speed. We look forward to continuing to showcase PRODOCOM's Mobile Application and Digital Messaging technologies

Belinda Moore, Executive Officer, AuSAE

Being able to offer our clients a simple and quick way to communicate with our doctors has never been easier -- using PRODOCOM. PRODOCOM understands our needs, provides us with quality customer service, especially in crisis situations. We can always count on a member of staff to be there to assist. One of the greatest benefits has been that their portal is simple enough for all staff to use.


The MTA is an employer’s association specifically for businesses in the motor industry and currently has over 6,000 Members across New South Wales. MTA has a need to communicate to our Members on a regular basis and have engaged PRODOCOM for over 8 years, during that time we have had a successful partnership with an outstanding client to business relationship. If you are looking to find a solution to your communication requirements - speak to PRODOCOM.


Dapto Leagues
Last night proved very very successful. It was the best Wednesday Members Draw we’ve had for a few months, so I put it down to all SMS being delivered and in a timely manner. So thank you for a great service!!

Bronwyn Newman

Results Sales Promotions
Its a long time since we've done business, but let me say how absolutely delighted I am to discover outbound emails through PRODOCOM! All your inside team were very helpful in explaining and getting me underway, but the revelation was spectacular when Leanne Murdock made a visit to me and explained the reporting system. I couldn't believe I could go through campaign after campaign to see who opted out, but of much greater interest... to see who opened and read the emails! I was staggered at the number of people that I have tried to reach by the phone, or cold calling, that opened and read emails from me! In one instance I saw the managing director of a family owned bedding company viewed an email on 3rd December, on 7th December I received a repeat order from the company! Now I'm not saying that the email got the order, but it's a nice co-incidence and I would like to think there is a connection! Leanne was very tolerant and patient and has offered to give me further assistance which I am sure I'll need when you upgrade your system in the new year. Nice to be doing business with you again and your service is very efficient and easy to use. I am sure you will play a big part in my business in the years ahead.

Alan Heighway

Crossmark contracted PRODOCOM earlier this year to undertake a 6 week SMS campaign on behalf of a major computer manufacturer. Each week participants were sent a new question via SMS. They replied to the SMS with their answer and it was received by the PRODOCOM system and processed. Replies were sent back to each participant depending on their answer and whether they were correct or not. Correct Answers went into an automatic prize draw which PRODOCOM conducted at the end of each week. The complex part of the campaign was that participants joined the campaign at different times and so had to catch up by answering more than one question in a week. PRODOCOM solved this issue for us easily by allowing certain replies to contain the next question so participants simply received multiple questions until they had caught up with the current week. We found the PRODOCOM system to be extremely user friendly and their support excellent. We have since expanded our use of their services and continue to enjoy an excellent working relationship with them. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses and please feel free to contact me directly should more information be required.