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Is the fax still relevant

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Is the fax still relevant?

It will come as a surprise to many that fax is still used at all.  It will come as an even bigger surprise then that in some places fax is still the chosen form of communication.

A totally useless piece of information, unless you are trading in Japan, is that Japan still relies heavily on fax and its actually thriving there.

Here in Australia and in many countries around the world see the health industry still heavily reliant on the fax.  There are mixed reasons why this is the case.  One is that it is harder to hack fax than it is an email system.  This gives some level of security and protection for client confidentiality.  The other reason is also bizarrely true, some doctors just want to be handed a bit of paper that they can action and not have to log in to a device.

In the USA in particular, fax is still used in Finance, legal and government.  We are seeing the finance sector here in Australia still using fax to some extent, but no where near as much as 5 or 10 years ago.

Because of its decline in use, there is far less marketing material now distributed by fax.  This does open a door for those who want to make use of the declining technology as their marketing material is less likely to get lost in the all the other marketing faxes.  Just a thought!

So, is the fax still relevant?  Here in Australia n the health industry, yes it certainly is.  In other industries the use of fax continues to decline, but it’s not dead yet.

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