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For more than 23 years we have learnt that no one solution suits all. Not only do we provide you with a range of communications through Email, SMS, Fax and Voice, but there are a variety of solutions to enable you to utilise them.

Although a lot of our clients use our web based marketing platform, many use us through a range of other delivery mechanisms, like Email, SFTP, FTP and our XML over HTTP API. As your communications agency, our complete messaging service can be tailored to suit your needs.

We have over 300 processes that are setup specifically for one client or another. Each has its own unique configuration to suit the particular demands of the relevant client. In some cases we have the same process set up multiple times for the same client to accommodate different needs of their clients.

We also have dedicated infrastructure for a range of clients in our data centre to ensure that the processing and the archiving of their messages are kept separate from the standard production system. If you have data to send us, the chances are we can turn it into the messages you want sent out. Could we do the same for you?

If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please call us on 1300 132 739 to see what we can do to assist you.

  • Campaign Board – Automate follow up messages
  • Campaign Board – Automate a journey through messages
  • Email - automated email
  • Email – HTML email with attachments
  • Email – 1 list of destinations each with a unique email body and attachment.
  • Email - campaign with file hosting
  • Email - campaigns and broadcasts
  • Email - mail merge
  • SMS - generic domain Email to individual
  • SMS - specific sub domain
  • SMS - Automatic integrated SMS
  • SMS - Email to individual and broadcast SMS
  • SMS - inbound SMS
  • SMS - inbound SMS message forwarding and archiving
  • SMS - premium SMS
  • SMS - web to SMS
  • SMS Broadcast
  • SMS Competition
  • SMS mail merge
  • SMS via HTTP
  • Outbound fax - fax broadcast
  • Outbound fax - mail merge fax broadcast
  • Outbound faxes - automated fax integration
  • Outbound faxes - email to fax - using the subject line
  • Outbound faxes - email to fax – using the email address
  • Outbound faxes - web to fax
  • Inbound fax - fax to email
  • Inbound fax - forwarding or transferring over the internet
  • Inbound fax - with Automatic receipt confirmation to sender
  • Inbound fax - with fax archived on web
  • EDI –Document archive with a web portal, alerts, and a payment gateway
  • Voice broadcasting - text to speech
  • Voice broadcasting - WAV file Voice with voice connect
  • Database - Store and manage your contacts online
  • Database - Allow your contacts to add and adjust the information you have for them
  • Database update pages

Our development, support and Professional Services teams are there to help you find the right solution to match your needs.


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