We believe we offer the most comprehensive range of communication solutions in Australia. If you've got a message to convey, or an essential business document to deliver, we have your solution. Whether you want a simple one product solution or a complex multi-level solution, we can help you communicate and interact with your target audience.



Mobile AppRich Push, Bi-directional, Branded, Advanced
EMAILSimple or complex, Email optimised HTML's, SPF, Secure,
EDIFast and Secure, Improves Cash Flow, Fully Integrated
SMSWe only use Authorised Channels, Competitive, Easy, Simple
FAXIndividual, Broadcast, Inbound, Email to FAX, Integrated
VoiceInteractive, Efficient
MediaEffective Press Release Distribution
PostIntegrated, Automated, Simple.

The full suite of communications products are all delivered from the one platform, developed by PRODOCOM here in Australia over the last 16+ years. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of service. No one is in a better position to help you find a solution that delivers for you. We innovate together with our clients and our ongoing development is based upon client's requests to find them a smarter way.