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Advanced Test Features

At PRODOCOM we love what we do, but we love it more when our clients do too.  So its important for us to listen to what you tell us and try our best to constantly improve the tools and services we provide.

As part of this ethos, we are pleased to add the "Advanced Test" features to the "Send" options.  Like the "Test" option, these are not mandatory.  If you've used our Campaign Manager in the past, then you will recognize these tools.

  • Estimate Message Costs - Here you can add the number of destinations you intend to send the message to and we will calculate a cost for the message to be sent, based on all the destinations being sent to successfully, the message you've created and an algorithm that will give you a guideline cost.  Please note that this is an estimate only.


  • Different Devices Preview - This is for Email only and gives you a preview of what your email will look like on over 45 email clients.  Note that we use a third party called Previewmyemail for this and it does take a couple of minutes to populate all of the preview options.

We aim to add more options into the advanced test section over the coming months.

Thank you for entrusting PRODOCOM to help you with your communications.



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