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News - Rally Australia choose a PRODOCOM Mobile App

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Rally Australia choose a PRODOCOM Mobile App

This weekend, the Australian round of the World Rally Championship hosted by Rally Australia, Coates Hire and Coffs Harbour, will see Rally Australia use a mobile app provided by PRODOCOM to keep Spectators, Competitors, Officials and Organisers up to date with a host of information.

From Rally Australia - 

"RALLY Australia has launched a new app for smartphones and tablets that will make it easy for spectators to follow this weekend’s round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

The app is available to download free for Android and Apple mobile devices.

It will carry directions to dedicated Coates Hire Rally Australia Coffs Coast spectator points on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus results, schedules, daily starting order and other news.

The Rally Australia app updates automatically whenever the device is in mobile reception range.

In addition, all information remains available to registered users even when their devices are out of reception – for example at a rural special stage where there may be no mobile signal.

The Rally Australia app has been created by PRODOCOM, the only Australian company to develop a communications mobile app that handles both push notifications and rich-content messaging.

PRODOCOM also believes it is the only communications mobile app that allows two-way communications in the form of either just feedback to the originator, or open to a community, again with rich-content messaging.

Rich content messaging means users can create HTML messages with images and formatting as well as attach files such as PDF, Word documents, video and sound. It is also secure and cannot be hacked.

Being in communications for 18 years with fax, email, SMS and voice technologies, PRODOCOM offers a wide range of tailored communications solutions."

Rally Australia will use the PRODOCOM web site to create messages to send out to the Mobile App.  Three out of the 4 users groups have an event code to enter when they register in the app, allowing Rally Australia to send targeted messages to each group.  Some may have the ability to respond or comment, while others will be the distribution of relevant information as it happens.

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