Integrate PRODOCOM with over 6000 applications

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Integrate PRODOCOM with over 6000 applications

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Integrate PRODOCOM with over 6000 applications using the worlds leading integration platform Zapier.

You can now ensure that your PRODOCOM contacts are kept up to date with your inhouse CRM using Zapier.  If you put this together with the ability for PRODOCOM's Campaign Board to kick off campaigns based on a contact being updated and you have a powerful tool to ensure that your communications with your client base is automated.

Zapier is a platform that is based on "Triggers" and "Actions.  So you can set up a "Zap" so that when you change details in your CRM (Trigger), Zapier automatically updates the contacts details in  the PRODOCM CRM (Action).  Using PRODOCOM's Campaign Board, a set of communications can be kicked off if a contacts details change.  For example;

The status of a client in your inhouse CRM changes from prospect to interested.  Zapier is set to use this as a Trigger and sends the updated status to PRODOCOM.  A Campaign Board Campaign is set to automatically set off a series of emails that are aimed at informing the contact of enough information with its own triggers, to move them from Interested to Qualified.  With PRODOCOM's Sales Funnel feature, this in return can kick off a message back to your sales team so they can act accordingly.



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