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A week ago, Samsung released its new flagship device the Note 4 in two variants along with a couple of new wearable devices. Not to be outdone, last night Apple released the iPhone6 in 2 variants and surprise surprise an Apple Wearable, the Apple Watch. This just goes to show how quickly technology is changing. I seem to remember Apple laughing at the "Phablet" market, now they are relying on it to boost their sales! We've noted that a number of businesses who used to swear by either the Blackberry, or Apple devices are moving to Windows devices. From a corporate perspective, if you've got Windows desktop PC's, it makes a lot of sense. So what will Nokia / Microsoft announce next and how will it affect our daily lives? We will have to wait and see. Needless to say if you don't have a Mobile strategy for your business, you'd better start thinking about it very soon.



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