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Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address. Many 3rd party email service providers use this technique to trick recipient email servers to validate against their domain rather than their clients.  This allows them to be "lazy" and not get their clients to set their DNS settings to match their IP address etc.  In short remain as a "low touch" business model.  This used ot be quite successful, but as more and more mail servers get additional security features, spoofing is getting detected and emails are not ending up with the intended recipient.

To ensure that your emails stand the best chance to get into your recipients inbox, you need to ensure that you do NOT use spoofing.  PRODOCOM has never used spoofing and wont for this very reason.  We wil work with you to setup a Return Path email address as well as set your DNS settings to ensure that your domain is used throughout the whole email delivery process and will legitimately get past email server security checks.

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