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When is the right time to try resubmitting to failures?

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When it comes to email campaigns it can be very frustrating when emails don’t get through to your target audience. Many email campaign providers require manual resubmission of failures for campaigns, which can be a long and tiresome process.

Thankfully here at Prodocom, we like to try and make life easy for our clients. Our email delivery system will try to resubmit failures up to four times within the initial delivery. If this is unsuccessful your failures will sit in your campaign ready for you to decide what to do next.

What are the main reasons for email failure?

Email failure or bounces as they are also known, on the whole, are a very common problem but this does not make it any less annoying. There are a variety of different reasons for email delivery failure including:

Bad email addresses 

The number one reason for an email to fail is an incorrect email address being entered. Depending on where you source your email addresses from, taking the time to double-check the addresses in your mailing list before resending your emails can be prudent.

Full mailboxes 

Most email accounts have a designated memory limit unless the user is operating a premium service. With literally billions of emails being sent worldwide every day, it’s no surprise that some inboxes are backed up. Many people around the world can be a little slow on the housekeeping of their inbox but will normally take care of it when prompted.

Account suspension

Due to increased security levels regarding email and linked mobile devices, account suspension is more common than you might think these days. Many accounts are reactivated swiftly after suspension but it can still lead to emails not being delivered so it may be worth trying again.

When you should resubmit to failures

Here at Prodocom, we would recommend waiting at least 24 hours before resubmitting failed emails. You can do this by heading to the Prodocom website and selecting the job you have been working on and choosing to resubmit the failures.

If you choose to resubmit too many times or too quickly, you may find your email making its way into the dreaded spam box more often. To avoid the black list you should keep your amount of retries to a minimum and accept a certain amount of failures as part of your campaign.

We also recommend regularly vetting your mailing list and removing troublesome emails in order to keep your list as healthy and successful as possible.

Choose Prodocom to get your campaigns right every time

As Australia’s market-leading electronic communication managed service provider, we know a thing or two about how to avoid common marketing failures.

When your company needs to get the job done right the first time, we have a team with all the right knowledge and experience to help you. Contact us today via the website or over the phone - we are available 24/7, 365 days a year - and we can help you get your chosen campaign on the path to success.



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