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For better results we trickle feeding emails

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For better results we trickle feeding emails

Some say that speed is key when trying to communicate with your customers, but could trying to get your latest email campaign out to all your recipients as fast as possible actually be doing more harm than good?

Evidence from big ISPs including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Optusnet and many others suggests that bulk email marketing is one of the key reasons for messages ending up in the SPAM folder.

With users inundated with emails every day you really can’t afford for yours to become the smallest needle in an ever-increasing haystack. So,we trickle feeding your email campaigns.

What does trickle feeding email involve?

It used to be the case that you would compose your email campaign, load up your email addresses, click send and then wait for the results to roll in. Unfortunately now, if you want any form of real result from your campaign, you're going to have to slow it down a bit.

This is where trickle feeding comes in. As the name suggests trickle feeding involves slowly releasing your emails to your intended recipients over a period of time. We break down your list by the recipients domain and then release them at a rate that we know will not trigger a SPAM alert.  Obviously we will get them out as fast as we can, but not too fast. Trickle feeding is one of the key methods we use to maximise the chance of your emails getting into inboxes.

PRODOCOM trickle feeds email service and much more

More and more ISPs are adopting this approach to bulk emails, with some varying their limits on a regular basis, meaning staying on top of this factor could prove significant to your success.

For more details about trickle feeding and other great techniques designed to get your email marketing to work more effectively, contact PRODOCOM today. Our team is available on 1300 132 739, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




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