Get your email out there with the PRODOCOM deliverability checker

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Get your email out there with the PRODOCOM deliverability checker

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Get your email out there with the PRODOCOM deliverability checker

Sometimes it feels like keeping your email campaign out of your intended recipient's SPAM or junk folder is becoming more and more difficult by the day. Staying on top of the new requirements and security measures can cost you a great deal of precious time and effort.

At PRODOCOM our job is to stay ahead of the curve for all things electronic messaging related. This means ensuring that your latest email campaign or group email makes it to its intended audience and we work tirelessly to provide innovative technology and analysis that guarantees results.

Why do my emails go to SPAM?

There are many different email service providers and they all have their own parameters for emails going into the SPAM folder, so it's hard to give a definitive answer to this question but there are some golden rules you should be aware of:

Percentage of text in an email

It might not seem all that necessary, but words do count. One of the most common reasons that emails might end up in the dreaded SPAM folder is that there is not enough text in your email, in comparison to other content such as images. The rule of thumb is that you should aim for 70% of your email’s content to be text.


As tempting as it is to add attachments to your emails like brochures or product guides, a lot of email servers these days block attachments or will treat emails wiht attachments as SPAM.

Sender’s reputation

It's all about reputation in the email game and keeping yours high with internet service providers is incredibly important. If you consistently send email campaigns that have high bounce rates, low click-through or open rates then your reputation will plunge, making it hard for future emails to avoid the SPAM folder.


How can I prevent my email from going to SPAM?

If you have been struggling with your email campaign effectiveness, it’s time to get the experts at PRODOCOM involved. We partner with our clients to provide effective campaigns with real results and we offer our “deliverability check” option to test and improve the likelihood of success for your email. It works in the following ways:

  1. DNS security check – The checker ensures that your email has the information that is required by DMARC. The sender, reply and return path email addresses should all use the same domain.
  1. Subject line check – Some keywords and phrases are guaranteed to relegate your email to the SPAM folder. Our checker runs a thorough examination to ensure a higher success rate.
  1. Content check – Using a system called SPAM Assassin, our deliverability checker will score your email and the content contained within to see if it is likely to pass multiple ISP’s spam filters.

 Our aim at PRODOCOM is to get your emails read. Using such tools as the deliverability checker and our company’s 20 plus years of experience in marketing, we can assure you that working with us is the best decision for your next campaign.





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