Never miss an opportunity with automated follow-ups

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Never miss an opportunity with automated follow-ups

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Never miss an opportunity with automated follow-ups

At PRODOCOM we are sure that all marketers will agree - the key to any successful email campaign is engagement. Both from the perspective of your intended customer, but also for your business’s marketing team.

When it comes to email campaigns it’s important that you maximise every potential lead or interaction with your customer and follow up emails are one of the major factors linked to this success.

What do we mean by a follow-up email?

Follow-up emails are exactly as the name suggests, they are a subsequent email that is sent to a customer that you've already had contact with through previous campaigns or messages. These emails can take many forms including - 'we will get back to you' emails, information requests, responses to an enquiry, event reminders and unopened message alerts.

Why do companies fail on their follow ups?

When customers open an email, you might only have a small window of opportunity to grab their attention but if the user does engage then you need to make it count. Some of the key reasons that many businesses fail in this department include:

  Monitoring without action

Marketers have become so fixated on their campaign delivery rates and click throughs, that they simply don’t action responses to a potential customer. This means companies are missing the point of campaigns as they are designed to generate both awareness as well as business.

Slow response time

Many businesses are simply too slow or not persistent enough when it comes to follow up emails. Generally, this isn’t because people are lazy or bad at their jobs but because of high workloads and poor time management.

Poor content

Time and time again, we see messages sent out by businesses that are designed to engage their audience with a new product or service that lack quality design and planning in regard to conversions via content.

Automated follow-ups are the solution

With the help of the PRODOCOM team, we can make your campaigns achieve their true potential. By using carefully planned content and links embedded into your original emails, we can automate follow ups designed for the end users' specific areas of interest.

We can also work closely with your company on improving your email campaign delivery rates and help you enact the perfect automated follow up to every email you send out. Our team can help guide your business through the science of successful email communication from design all the way through to the final invoice email.

Maximise your next electronic messaging campaign with PRODOCOM

Make sure you never miss out on a valuable lead or potential customer interaction with the help of the PRODOCOM team. Our company has over 20 years of experience delivering and handling successful email campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest businesses.

Whether you are looking to gain that competitive edge in email marketing or you are interested in trialling a new form of electronic communication, your first call should be to our team. We are available over the phone on 1300 132 739, 24 hours a day 365 days a year and are excited at the prospect of helping your business to reach its future marketing goals.




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