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News - SMS Usage during the pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions have acted as both a catalyst and a disruptor for countless global businesses and services. Witnessing significantly diminished demand in sectors like tourism and F&B, many business owners have found themselves on the back foot, frightened and skeptical as to whether or not their services would fall prey to the pandemic.

One service that saw an unexpected comeback since the beginning of the pandemic was SMS services. Ranging from communications, marketing, and notifications, SMS services had seemingly been put on the back burner for many years as they were viewed as an intrusive, obsolete, and downright ‘annoying’ service. 

Nevertheless, the pandemic has come as a blessing in disguise for bulk SMS marketing companies, as work-from-home restrictions have made it difficult for businesses to reach their customer bases, and conventional market strategies tend to get lost in the noise of social media outlets. The pandemic has effectively re-awakened SMS services as an excellent tool for businesses to utilise in order to get the most out of a post-pandemic marketing strategy. 

COVID-19’s effect on mobile usage and SMS 

Since the start of lockdown restrictions in 2020, mobile usage has increased by 40%, as more people began to rely on their phones to stay connected and complete mundane tasks like paying bills, shopping for groceries, and more. It is now safe to say that consumer behaviour has shifted, placing mobile phones as the main medium between sellers and buyers. Reports suggest that by 2026, the messaging market will increase to a value of $77.1 billion.

At PRODOCOM, we understand that it can be difficult to maximise these opportunities. That’s why our professional service team can help your business use the best bulk SMS service, to ensure that your business stays top of mind via an Australian SMS gateway.

SMS marketing 

Since the introduction of mobile devices in the early 2000s, smartphones have steadily integrated their way into our daily lives – to the point where they have become a necessity when we leave home. Lockdown restrictions saw people begin to rely all the more on their mobile phones and computers in order to stay connected and effectively work from home.

Additionally, even if smartphones didn’t have access to WIFI, users would still be able to stay connected to the outside world with ease. SMS messaging services are an essential feature that comes with every mobile device. Every mobile phone has the capability to send an SMS regardless of WIFI or 4G. It is a sure-fire way to make sure a message reaches the intended target without any issues. It may not be the flashiest form of communication, but it certainly is the most reliable. 

PRODOCOM services that will improve your marketing strategy

We also offer SMS services that go beyond mobile phones with an email to SMS service, allowing SMS messages to be sent directly from your email. This makes broadcasting your message even easier as you are no longer confined to the tiny keyboard on your phone.  Requiring no additional software and passwords, you can use your existing email, where all messages are archived. Such a setup helps create a comprehensive report for both the receiver and the sender, allowing you to make sure that the messages you are broadcasting are well received. From there, you can make the right adjustments with each iteration, to fine-tune your strategy.

Inbound SMS messages are either captured and converted into emails or are delivered to a specific network directory.  All inbound SMS messages and sender IDs are captured so you can choose the format in which to receive your inbound messages. The collected data will help you and your business siphon out the customers who are not engaging with your messages, so you can prioritise the ones that do. 

Once all the necessary data is collected, your business can create a fun competition to engage your loyal customers even further. By using the PRODOCOM Campaign Board for an SMS Broadcast with an inbound SMS number, you can create a complex or simple multi-layered SMS competition. PRODOCOM’s very own Department of Gaming and Racing approved Random Selection engine will assist in the selection of your winners. This unique way of engaging with your audience is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Key Takeaways 

As the world continues to cycle in and out of lockdown restrictions, demand for SMS services will only continue to grow. Utilising the right channels of communication is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Collecting data to make your broadcasts all the more effective is equally desirable, but very few services provide both. At PRODOCOM, our professional services team can offer you the best of both worlds, providing a unique way to engage with your audience while collecting the correct data in order to make your broadcasts even better. Contact PRODOCOM today to take advantage of SMS gateways in Australia.



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