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Who is opening your emails?

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Who is opening your emails?

When you used to look at your email reports after sending your latest campaign, you had a realistic and accurate idea of how many users not only received the email but also opened it.

Sadly, it seems those days are numbered for email campaign managers, as the security systems involved in catching out the numerous email scams and security threats posed by email become increasingly sophisticated and extreme.

How do you really know who opened your email?

This is the biggest question for every marketing person using emails as part of their campaign. Many servers now automatically open incoming emails, scan the content contained within and, in some cases, even click through on links which can lead to incredibly inaccurate results in your campaign reporting.

What you need to be sure of is whether the email you sent was interacted with by a real user or the automated response of the security system from the email service provider.

PRODOCOM email campaigns deliver you real results

Being one step ahead of the game is our job here at PRODOCOM. To deliver the most honest and accurate information to our clients, we have dedicated a great deal of time to studying the complex systems being put in place by many of the major internet service providers.

After thorough investigation and analysis, our team has designed and implemented an algorithm that can accurately determine whether it was your customer’s security server that opened your email campaign or the targeted customer.

Through our analysis, we have seen an increased amount, in some cases as high as 22%, of email links being actioned by the server. IT administrators and servers do this to help protect their overall network by opening these ‘suspicious’ emails in essentially what is a controlled environment to avoid potential threats to the network and user. This has a severe effect on the accuracy of the reporting received by campaign managers as they report emails opened by the servers as successful open rates.

On your PRODOCOM reports, there is a heading that says 'actioned by' and two options either user or server. When viewing your reports, you can now check to see which of your emails has been successfully interacted with by your targeted customer by selecting the 'user' option. We will not send follow up emails to any email that is actioned by the server to help maintain the success of your future campaigns and server reputation.

Choose PRODOCOM for accurate and reliable email results every time

As you can see, it's our business here at PRODOCOM to not only deliver your email campaigns successfully but also provide you with the most accurate feedback on the results achieved. We understand how important it is for the marketing information that you receive from your email campaigns to contain information that is both accurate and reliable.

That’s why with our email campaigns we offer incredibly detailed reporting alongside the promise that you only have to pay for the messages we actually deliver. For more information or to start formulating your next email campaign, contact our team 24 hours a day on 1300 132 739. 



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