Emailing attachments – all you need to know

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Emailing attachments – all you need to know

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Emailing attachments – all you need to know

Attachments are a tricky area of the email marketing world. On one hand, they offer a great way for you to incorporate interesting materials such as sales promotions into an email, but on the other, they are an easy way for your email to become red-flagged by many servers.

Knowing how and when to attach files to your emails can mean the difference between your email making it to its intended recipient and not being delivered. To help you through the sometimes-confusing world of email attachments the team at PRODOCOM has compiled the following guide on the art of successful email attachments.

What is an attachment?

An attachment is any file that is added to your email message, these files can include images, PDFs, videos and a range of other documents. An email is capable of having several attachments added to it.

Why do attachments affect email success?

Since the advent of email, attachments have been a useful tool for the honest hard-working people of the web to share information. However, they've also been incredibly popular with the more nefarious characters found on the internet as well.

Attachments are an efficient way to deliver malware such as viruses and trojans to unsuspecting users, and over the years, they have gained a certain level of suspicion from both email recipients and internet service providers alike.

With this in mind, email service providers have put stringent protocols in place to ensure that the end-user is less likely to receive dangerous attachments. These protocols include size limitations, picture blocking, warning messages and, in the worst case, being put straight into the SPAM folder or blocked altogether.

How to send successful attachments

If sending an attachment is vital to your next email. then bear these following tips in mind to help prevent failure:

1.    Be mindful of the size – Most mail servers have a limit on the size of attachments they will receive before they automatically flag your mail. Keep your attachments below 500KB and do not send too many at once, as the more you send, the more likely the email is to fail.

2.    Never send attachments on their own – Probably the biggest reason for failures is email marketers attaching a newsletter to blank emails and sending it out, presuming the end-user will get to read it. Avoid this trap and be sure to add an appropriate amount of text and subject matter to your emails.

3.    Beware of your file types - different file types can have problems both from a user and server’s perspective. If your user does not have an appropriate program to open your attachment, it's unlikely they will. At the same time, many servers are wary of certain file formats.

Contact PRODOCOM to solve your attachment issues

If you’re still feeling unsure or you want to guarantee your content reaches its intended audience, make sure you contact PRODOCOM today. Our company has over 20 years of experience delivering effective marketing campaigns through both the internet and other media such as SMS.

Contact our team on 1300 132 739, we are available 24/7 and we are happy to talk you through our services and help you deliver all attachments to your target customers.



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