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We don’t use Spoofing, we do it right!

A lot of email service providers use the “Spoofing” technique as it enables them to provide a very “low touch” service. This used to work nicely, but with DMARC email security rolling out to more and more email servers, this can result in up to 30% of your emails either going to SPAM or not getting to the end recipient at all. What’s worse, you will get a report saying that it was delivered. It was of course delivered to the mail server, but may not have got to the intended recipient.

We don’t use Spoofing. We work with you to ensure that everything is set up right the first time and you will notice the difference in the effectiveness of your campaigns. Your emails will actually get into inboxes!

There’s more….

Deliverability checks

When you create an email via our website you have the option to run a deliverability check. Here we will check to make sure that there are no domain mismatches that may trigger DMARC failure as well as check the subject line and email content for SPAM triggers. We will present you with a report on screen which you can also send as an email. We will identify the issues so you can resolve them or call us for advice.

Is it a recipient or a server opening the email and clicking on the link?

Did you know that some email servers will receive, open and check all links in an email before they even decide if the recipient address even exists? This can cause your reporting to be completely out of line with what really happened. Our tracking reports use an algorithm to determine whether we believe the tracking was as a result of activity from a server or a user. When you use our Campaign Board, conditional emailing only triggers an automated email if we see recipient and not server activity.

Do it right, Get the emails into inboxes and get true and accurate reporting and automated activity.

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