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No monthly fees, setup fees and fees for the number of contacts you stored

  • No Setup Fees*
  • No Monthly fees*
  • No fees for the number of contacts stored

Some charge minimum monthly fees, setup fees and fees for the number of contacts you upload and/or store. We don’t. If you only use us for sending out messages, then you only pay for the messages we deliver. If you only send every couple of months, then you will only get an invoice for the months we deliver your messages. It couldn’t be fairer than that!

If you send a broadcast and some messages fail to deliver, we will only charge you for the ones we do deliver. Note that for emails this means to the recipients email server, which is all anyone can guarantee.

If you rent a fax or SMS number from us to receive messages as well, then there will be a monthly rental fee. Also if we host files or a document portal solution, there will be monthly hosting fees.

We also have a professional services team who can help you design, build and deploy your messaging. Charges are based on hourly rates and go from $65 to $165 depending on the service provided.

Pricing for message delivery is based on volumes. Call us and let us create a solution that works for you.

*except for inbound numbers rented or hosted services.

Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST.


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