How many characters in an SMS message?


As businesses start to use SMS to communicate with their clients they rarely are aware of the structure of an SMS. The common thoughts are that an SMS is 160 characters. And this is correct. However the bit that is often missed is that once you reach 161 characters, an SMS message is composed of 153 characters. So 160 characters is 1 SMS, 161 characters is 2 SMS messages and 307 is 3 SMS messages (2 x 153 + 1). Why is this? The carriers use the missing 7 characters per SMS to concatenate the 2 messages together. You will notice that as you type your message into the send option for SMS on our website, that as soon as you hit 161 characters the count goes from x/160 to x/153 with an increase in the number of "parts" which are you know why

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