Voicecast - What is it and why use it?


Voicecast - What is it and why use it?


Voicecast is often called "RoboCall".  There is no difference, its just a name. Wikipedia describes it as "a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message".  However that just touches the surface.



More than just a phone call

The PRODOCOM Voicecast system can do more than just make a voice call and send you a delivery report at the end of it;

  • Send a different message to a person answering the call and an answering machine answering the call.
  • Set a key tone call diversion, giving the recipient the option to be diverted to one of your staff.
  • Add multi layers of keytone recording to let the recipient select options, going down several layers if required.

Why use Voicecast?

Voicecasting is probably most prominently used by political parties leading up to an election, or large corporates before a share holders meeting, to push forward their case.  Some businesses have found some other good uses for the technology;

  • Call to confirm pick up and delivery of goods.  Allow the recipeint to use the key tone recording to confirm the time, or choose a different time.
  • Survey clients for views on your products and services.
  • Survey patients on a scheme.
  • Check on patients. (If you're ok, press 1, if not press 9 and we'll get someone to call you straight back!)
  • An easy way for members to vote (press 1 for yes, 2 for no, or 3 to abstain.)

There is no need to employ a call centre to make your calls for you, or keep a high head count.  The calls are very cost effective and you can record your message by dialling the PRODOCOM voicecast line.  Your recordings are displayed on the PRODOCOM site and you can quickly set up and send them out.


We can report who recieved the message and whether the call was answered by a person or an answering machine. We can also record all the keys pressed during the call, so you can tell what options they chose.

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