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Campaign Board

Campaign Board is the place to go to build a series of messages to take your audience on journey. The messages start with an initial message and from there are automated, based on set conditions being met.

If you want to send a single message as an individual or a broadcast, then the "Quick Send" process is there to make it quick and simple. However if you want to build a series of messages that flow on from each other, to enable you to qualify the recipients needs and wants through targeted links and actions, then Campaign Board is the tool to use.

We can kick off your campaign based on just data input. We can import data from your systems and based on definable text in set fields kick off any number of campaigns. If you can export a CSV file, we can take care of the rest. Alternatively you can use our free online contacts database, complete with customisable fields and either import the data into there, or manually enter it.

There is no additional charge for using Campaign Board, we simply charge for the messages we deliver.

  • Create an initial message.
  • Can be Email, SMS, Fax or a mix of them... more message types to come.
  • Based on activity from the initial message, set other messages to automatically follow.
    • Email
      • A link has been clicked - set different associated messages for each link in your initial email
      • The email was opened
      • The email was not opened
      • The email was delivered
      • The email was not delivered
    • SMS
      • The SMS was delivered
      • The SMS was not delivered
    • Fax
      • The Fax was delivered
      • The Fax was not delivered
      • An Inbound Fax was received
  • Set conditional messages to go out based on the activities from other conditional messages... no limit.
  • Initial message can be sent based on a list, or on a database entry.
  • Automatically qualify leads by taking your audience on an automated journey.
  • No extra charge for using Campaign Board. We only charge for the messages we deliver.

If you already have a login with us, then you have access to campaign board. It's simple to use and very effective.

Simply create your initial message. Then "add an associated message" and set the condition to be met for the associated message to be sent. As you can start to see from the screenshot above, you can add as many associated messages as you like.



If you use the Campaign Board for sales activities, watch your leads qualify themselves. As they work their way down the chain of messages, reports come in and you can literally watch your leads qualify themselves.


With your login to our website you have access to our online CRM for FREE. The "contacts" option gives you an address book. You can even create your own database fields as well as use the online tools to work your leads.

We can set up processes to automatically import your leads into your contacts, which can in turn automatically kick off conditional messages.

Example: As leads come in from social media marketing, they get imported into the online address book using the custom database fields. As soon as an entry is imported that has "Google" or Facebook" in the social media custom database field, a set of email messages is triggered to further qualify the lead. When you know the lead is genuinely interested and has intent through the reporting, you can take appropriate action.


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