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Do people still use Fax and why? The answer will depend on your type of business. Fax is still a great solution for reaching people at the point of sale behind a retail counter where access to a computer and email is limited. Still highly used in the liquor, pharmaceutical and finance industries, the decline in marketers using Fax, actually opens the door to use it to be different. The Fax still has its place.

  • No monthly, or sign up fees.
  • Use our online platform to create and distribute your Marketing faxes.  Quick, easy and fully featured, you dont need a fax machine.
  • Fully integrated and Automtated solutions.
  • Our Professional Services team can help put your Fax marketing together and get it out for you.
  • Email to Fax solutions.
  • Inbound Fax to Email solutions. We can receive your fax and pass it to you as a PDF or TIFF in an email.
  • A whole A4 page to catch someones attention.
  • Data washing via ACMA's do not Fax register available as part of your fax campaign.
  • Backed by a data centre and delivery system housed in Sydney Australia, that has been developed over the past 15 years and constantly evolving to maximise deliverability. This also means that your data stays in Australia, which is essential for compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Pre-pay or monthly account packages available. Pre-pay packages can be found at the bottom of this page. Select the best package for you and get started straight away, or call us to discuss opening an account / find the best solution for YOU.

Fax Marketing

Fax Marketing

A tried and tested method which delivers instant results, this means a broadcast is an incredibly effective way of relaying information to your target audience. There are a number of benefits to such a fax marketing strategy:

  • Your A4 page is certain to arrive in its entirety. Whilst many have moved onto other electronic forms of communication (i.e. email), a fax broadcast has the benefit of bypassing any spam or junk filters that may have been put in place to regulate incoming messages – even if your email does pass through these filters, your message may only arrive in part, i.e. without all of the attached images or text. When you send a notification via fax, you can be assured the page will arrive as one.
  • Depending on the nature of your marketing scheme, this method can often provide the simplest solution. If the response you require from your customer are quite straight forward, such as ticking boxes and returning, a fax broadcast is definitely the answer.

All of our services include comprehensive delivery reports, and we manage 'Do Not Call' registers and unsubscribes.

Fax Broadcast in Australia - More popular than you think.

This is the preferred method of communication by those in the medical, healthcare and liquor industries. We also manage fax broadcast strategy for a number of companies in the insurance, finance and banking industries. The power of fax marketing is still felt across Australia!

Why Choose PRODOCOM for Fax Broadcast in Australia?

PRODOCOM handle these marketing solutions through a simple to use API – eliminate hardware and maintenance costs, and ensure your faxes are delivered on time. You are protected against power outages, internet and carrier failure in Australia and overseas – all at a remarkably competitive rate.
You don't even need to own a fax machine! Plus, resources will no longer go to waste unnecessarily. We will provide you with a fax number, and all messages that you receive will go straight to your email inbox via our API. Why ignore a cheap and simple method of mass communication to a targeted audience?

For a hassle free answer to all of your marketing needs, choose PRODOCOM and our methods for fax marketing and fax broadcast in Australia - reap the benefits of a simple, fast and a highly effective form of communication and watch as business flies your way.

Fax for Enterprise

Fax for Enterprise

Insurance, finance, banking and conveyancing industries choose PRODOCOM Fax. We deliver millions of faxes through integrated solutions including our simple-to-use API. Eliminate fax hardware and maintenance costs and ensure your faxes are delivered on time. PRODOCOM's complete redundancy protects against power outages, internet and carrier failure in Australia and overseas - all at competitive rates.

Inbound Fax

Inbound Fax

You don't need to have your own fax machine, or waste resources unnecessarily anymore. PRODOCOM can provide you with a fax number and all received faxes can go direct to your email, via our API, or a number of other methods. Save paper, toner and capital investment. It is quick and simple to set up and typically cheaper than renting a line from one of the many telecommunications providers.