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Business Communication Solutions in Australia


However simple or complex your communications requirements, PRODOCOM has been providing solutions to match needs since 1997. Quick and easy, complex and advanced, always intuitive. Read more...


From highly effective bi-directional Mobile App solutions to inbound fax and SMS solutions, We deliver. Multi-directional communication is proven to engage customers, Read more...


Efficiency through integration and automation, with partners that demonstrate the ability to stay at the forefront, is key to the future of organisations large and small. Seamlessly deliver Read more...


24/7 support with a real person

With PRODOCOM you will always be able to talk to someone from our Sydney offices. That's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. You will not get an annoying AI interface or be directed to a bunch of generic questions online. Speak to a real person who wants to help you!

Only pay for what is delivered

Some will charge you for all sorts of reporting, number of contacts stored or advanced features. You may also be forced to buy credits up front. We don't! We will only charge you for messages that we can deliver and will invoice you at the end of the month. All our functions and features are included when you open an account. That includes delivery and tracking reports as well as many contacts stored in your online address book as you like.

25 years of expertise

PRODOCOM has been around since 1997 and still have staff from the inception. That means we've seen it, done it and can help you with real information and knowledge of not only what is going on, but also why. We have the experience and expertise and are always here to help.

Professional Services

If you don't have the time, or you're finding building an HTML email via a drag and drop interface a bit daunting, then we have a team ready to help you and do it for you.

Free Online CRM

Our online platform includes an address book with a free CRM. You can create your own database fields, make notes, see which messages have been sent, save documents against a record and see what emails they've opened and links they've clicked. There is even a tasks tool to remind you of actions you need to take. You can import your current database into it as a CSV file via a simple upload procedure. Likewise, you can extract all the data as a CSV file. It may not be a top of the line CRM, but it's there and its free to use. As with everything, if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, let us know and we'll take a look. We're here to help.

A/B testing

If you want to try a couple of options with a subset of your database to determine which gets the best results before you send to everyone, we also have A/B testing tools available. You can create your 2 options and either determine yourself which get the best results, or automate it so that our system can do it for you. There is no extra charge for using this tool. We simply charge you for the messages we deliver.

Automated Conditional Campaigns

Let your recipients self-qualify by sending out an initial message and when they open the email or click on a link a follow up email is automatically sent out based on your choices. Maybe they haven't opened the email or clicked on a link, but you still want to follow up the initial email after a set period. Set it all up once and let it go. From there it's all about looking at the reports and seeing who's done what. Literally watch recipients tell you what they are interested in and how interested they are. As always, we only charge you for the messages we deliver.

Full Email Security

To combat spam and viral attacks via email, mail server administrators are looking at a range of security processes to reduce the chance of an attack. This means that your emails need to comply with a range of security measures including SPF, DMARC and DKIM. With DMARC now including looking for domain mismatches in your emails, if you are not set up correctly your email will not get to its recipient. DMARC security happens AFTER the email servers have disconnected. So you may get a delivered report, but the email may never get to the intended recipient. Because we actually talk with you, we can help you setup your DNS settings and emails to ensure your emails get through!

Return Path Email Address Support

A return path email address is one used between 2 email servers. The sending server gives it to the recipient email server and says if you have anything that you want to report after we've dropped this connection, please send it here. If this email address has a different domain to the senders email address or reply email address, then any server that uses DMARC security will either tag it as a SPAM or simply not pass it on. We will work with you to ensure that there is a return path email address we can use that matches your domain and overcomes this issue. Result, more emails in inboxes!

Accurate tracking reports

As part of email security measures being employed on a much more frequent basis, email servers are opening emails and checking the links within the email before they pass on the email to the recipients. This means that unless your tracking reports take this into account, you will get hugely inflated open and click through rates. PRODOCOM uses an algorithm to detect when a mail server opens an email and clicks on links and when a user does it. We only report on the user, not the server. This means accurate reports, not inflated ones.

Generic Email Addresses

Because we deliver emails the right way and don't use the "Spoofing" technique used by most providers such as Mailchimp and Hubspot, we do not need to restrict the use of generic email addresses. If it's a real email address, we'll deliver it.

Sales funnel features

When you set up a campaign with follow ups through Campaign Board, you can set sales funnel levels on the follow up emails, which are based on activity from previous emails. At each stage you can set a sales funnel level and can be notified when a recipient reaches each level. That way you never miss a lead as they self-qualify.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a platform that enables integrations with over 6000 different applications. So, no matter what applications you use, we can help you fully integrate with ours to enable seamless communications and reporting from the very applications that you are used to using.

Best Deliverability

That is not a smoke screen marketing comment, it's genuine. Because we help you setup your DNS and emails correctly, your emails will not only get delivered to mail servers, they have a much higher chance of getting delivered to the recipient as you will pass SPF, DMARC and DKIM security checks. When you build your email on our platform, you can do a deliverability check and see if there is anything that will classify the email as SPAM as well as confirm all the right settings are in place. We also monitor our email server IP addresses to ensure that they are not on any blacklists and have a good senders score. This means that you don't need to "warm up" your emails, we've got you covered. We really do deliver.



Automate messages based on set conditions being met and take your audience on an automated journey. Messages can be Email, SMS or a mix of both. A great tool for letting leads effectively qualify themselves.



To make sure that your emails actually get delivered, it's important that the emails are structured correctly and you have your DNS settings set up right. We will help you do that. We will also track who has opened your emails and who has clicked on links which will be available online for you.



A simple send or a complex campaign. Email to SMS, Integrated solutions, competitions and much more. We Deliver.

"What is the best way to get quick, personal reminders and alerts to people so we can improve attendance?"



The mobile phone has never been more important and with the increased acceptance of its use for business with SMS, MMS is a natural tool to enhance the experience. We Deliver.



Our hosted solutions offer the ability to save significantly on postage, negate email attachments getting blocked, reduce debtor days and even pay online.



We have a solution for businesses both small and large, whether you have a broadcast to make, are looking for an inbound fax to email solution, or have a complex integration to deliver.

"I need a simple, quick and easy way of capturing my customers' orders and notifying them of our latest promotions. How can I get better eyeball time?"



Broadcast a voice message to large audiences, deploy an automated telephone survey or capture business critical feedback through your audience's keypad interactions.



To compliment the message sending capabilities of the PRODOCOM solution, there is an online CRM that goes beyond just an online address book.

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