What's the value of good customer service?


What's the value of good customer service?

These days we seem to be forever hunting for the "best" price.  But what is the best price?  Is it simply the lowest dollar value per unit, or is there more to it?

What value can you put on good customer service?  If you put it in terms of how much time you have to spend solving something, trying to work out how to use something, or waiting for a request to be actioned, then it is pretty easy to quantify.  Your time is money.  It is costing your employer $x an hour for you to do your job.  If you have to waste an hour trying to get something done, then it has cost your employer $x.  If a quick phone call can get that reduced to a few minutes, then the good customer service now has a true dollar value.  Simple and common sense.

How long have you held on the phone to get someone from one of your Telecommunications suppliers to answer a simple question about NBN, or a utilities company to answer a question about your bill?  Go back to the "time is money" scenario and you can start to apply the dollar value of good customer service.

At PRODOCOM we have support staff in Sydney available for you to talk to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We try and answer any questions on the phone, or by return email and don't allow the question to remain unanswered for any length of time.  We endevour to answer your calls within a few rings and appreciate that if we provide you with a good customer service, we've probably made your life easier and saved you time and money.

Should you include the value of good customer service into your calculations for what is the "best price"?  If you don't, it might well cost you more in the long run.

PRODOCOM's support staff info can be found here.

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