Sending to generic email addresses


Sending to generic email addresses

Sending to generic email addresses like admin@ or info@ can cause senders reputation issues if your DNS entries are not 100% correct.  This means your DKIM, DMARC and SPF records.  A bad senders reputation can mean that even the most innocent of emails from your mail server will not get through.

Some of the email service providers simply will not send to these addresses, which means that a high percentage of emails cannot be sent via them.

At PRODOCOM we will work with you to help you ensure that your DNS entries are correct and do not block the generic email addresses.  So you can be assured that we will try and deliver all of your emails and help you protect your senders reputation.

I know we sent this out in November 2017, but it is important if you are sending emails -  The science of emails.

Don't miss out on sending to generic email addresses. We can help.

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