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Life in general is an ever evolving thing and that is true for PRODOCOM as well.  We've been updating a number of our processes to make life a bit easier for you, as well as a number of staff changes.

System Updates

SMS "Wild Card" replies

We've just added the "wild card" replies feature to our SMS service.  By default when you sent out an SMS, if you hadn't selected a set "SMS Header" we used to use the SMS Header "SMS4U", which did not allow replies.  We can now apply one of our random numbers.  As long as the recpient replies within 48 hours, you will get any reply back to you via email.

As a brief explanation on how this works - We have over 40 random numbers which the system will select from. If we get a reply, we look at the number that the reply came from and match it to the latest SMS sent that had the reply to number, and replied number combination.  From this we can determine the job that the reply is relevant to and hence who to send the email to.  Note that the chances of finding a combination of the 2 that are sent from 2 different users is some astronomical number.  But, it is possible.  So this solution will work for some, but not all.  Our recommendation will always be to get a virtual number.  It might add a cost, but it is 100% guarunteed.

The upside is that you can get SMS to email replies now without having to order a virtual number. The downside of this is, the chances of the SMS Header being the same each time is very small.  So if you have multiple messages to the same user, it will create multiple SMS "Conversations" on their phone.  If you want to have just the one "conversation" flow on the recipients device, including replies, you will need to use a constant number, which will either need to be one of your mobile numbers, or a virtual number.  For now we will leave you with the SMS4U option, but if you want to be switched to the new random number option, please call support  on 1300 132 739.

Responsive Emails

More people read their emails on their mobile device these days than they do on PC's.  This means that for your emails to present in the best way possible they must be responsive.  Responsive just means that the email will display differently and more appropriately, depending on the device that is being used to read it.

Up until now, we have had responsive templates, but allowed non-responsive in the online HTML email builder.  To help you ensure your emails are responsive we have made some changes.  This has made it a bit more restrictive in some cases, but more targetted to ensure it presents correctly. 

Drag and Drop Images

We realised that we could make life a little easier with the drag and drop nature of adding images via the online HTML builder.  Before you had to go to the image gallery and add images to it, then select them from there.  Now you can drag and drop from the builder without the need to even look at the image gallery.

No more Quick Send

Quick Send is a function that we've had for a very long time and has not been supported for over a year due to the version of PHP it uses.  The older PHP doesn't support TLS1.2 which is a security issue.  We either had to rebuild Quick Send from scratch using the old HTML builder, or create a new Send with a later version of PHP, TLS1.2 support and the new HTML builder.  In the end the decision was pretty straight forward.  Consequently Quick Send has been superceded by "Send".  All the same functionality is there, with the addition of the advanced testing feature.  We have now turned off "Quick Send".

UPDATE: Well it seems that some people don't want to change to "Send".  We have heard your cries for the return of "Quick Send" and can now put you back if required.  We will NOT be developing new feautres for it though. If you don't have "Quick Send" and want it back, just call support on 1300 132 739.

Returning to the team

Angelo Angelopoulos

This is actually Angleo's 2nd return to the PRODOCOM family.  Angelo originally joined in September 2000 and left in July 2007.  He then came back in July 2008 only to leave again in 2011.  I think he must like it here as he returned to us yet again in March 2018.  Angelo is the IT  / Support Manager and it's great to have him back....again!  Needless to say he's taken no time at all to get to grips with his role.  ( He insists that the latest photo doesn't do him justice. He still looks like his 2000 photo! )

We wish them well

Staff changes

Unfortunately we have had to say good bye, for now at least, to Chafica and Miguel.  Both got the call into family businesses around the same time.  Both spent many years with us at PRODOCOM and are sorely missed, not only for the work they did, but also for their energy and friendship.  Everyone at PRODOCOM wish them well with their new roles.  Secretly we also hope they do an "Angelo" and come back to us some day.

For more information call us on1300 132 739

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