You want to do email marketing but don't know where to start


You want to do email marketing but don't know where to start

Funnily enough it's not as uncommon as some may think.  If you've not had any training then DNS, DMARC, DKIM, HTML, responsive emails, tracking opens and tracking clicks are all terms that can be quite daunting.  You then add in how to avoid emails ending up as SPAM or in junk folders, Senders Reputation, how to interpret reporting and what to do next, and its not hard to see how people can shy away from what can have a big impact on your business.

So where do you start?

  • Do you send out of your own email client like Outlook, or do you use an Email Service Provider (ESP)? 
  • What sort of message do you want to send out?
  • How often should you be sending the emails?
  • Who should you be sending emails to?
  • Is there anything else you need to know?  Absolutely, and we're here to help

Make sure that you are complying with Australian Privacy Principles.  In short, if you send anyone’s info, including just their email address overseas to a third party, you need their explicit consent to do that.  So either make sure that you have that consent, or make sure that your ESP is in Australia and delivers out of Australia.

To prevent this from getting too long winded, I have listed some suggestions to the above and a few things in a document which you can download here.

If you fit into the daunted category and this has left you still a bit daunted, if not more so, then please call us.  We are here to help and have a Professional Services team who can either advise you, or do your emails for you.

Even if it's just to keep your existing Customers/Clients up to date, Email marketing is a tool that every business should be using to some level.

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